Message by CEO Pahel Pakistan

Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani

Dear readers!

I am proud to be working with a wide range of dedicated caring professionals as team. All the achievements of set millstones during the period on Year 2015-2017 are just because of rendering their dedication, devotion and passion. Such untiring and industrious effort of team has significantly demonstrated that Pahel Pakistan has emerged as leading Human Rights based organization in the region. Pahel has become the advocate of unheard and appressed voices. Through our advocacy initiatives, we remain focused and intact for the protection and promotion of Human Rights, Peace and Democracy thorough our key programs. Through the reporting period, Pahel expanded and developed as an organization. We developed and introduced new programs; we amended our approaches keeping in new lesson learnt from previous practices. For the 1st time, Pahel got opportunity to work out on focused 09 districts of North Sindh and moved to Karachi adding its 06 districts. It was a new experience for Pahel and its core team through geographic expansion. The learned members of Board of Directors, especially Chairman of BoD has always been very supportive and guiding me time to time when ever and where ever required. Since, Pahel believes in it’s core principles and values as it’s guiding principles, which are: Openness, Transparency and Accountability, inclusive approach and governance of standard policies, therefore Pahel continued its faith in core principles and values which played key role in our success. We are very much thankful to Centre for Human Rights Education Pakistan who had great contribution in organizational development and strategic planning for Pahel. Beside that we are also thankful to UNDP Pakistan and National Endowment Fund for Democracy for providing us financial assistance to take first steps towards the journey of thousand miles which ultimately aims at support the vulnerable communities. We are also thankful to Sindh Education Foundation for supporting our Education program in the remote areas of Khairpur district. I am also thankful to my team for their support for Pahel for stepping up the stair of success.

Recent Activities

Pahel Pak Recent Activities on Different Events


Pahel Pakistan was established in 2009, since its establishment, Pahel Pakistan enhance its capabilities and resources. Now, these capabilities and resources are making this organization unique from other organizations of this region. Pahel strongly believes that these capabilities and resources are the core competencies of our organization. Based on these core competencies, Pahel Pakistan is more effective and efficient in its program and operational areas in Pakistan with a special focus on Sindh. These competencies are;

1. Team Work & Leadership

Pahel has network of highly competent, motivated and professionals of all walks of life under visionary leadership from its board to management and then project implementing team members. Pahel has a well-organized structure at local to provincial & national levels. This structure consisted of 525 youth volunteers, 63 permanent staff, 13 management staff and 05 board members. Pahel has a specialized pool of technical experts especially in education, Human rights, right-based approach, climate change, food security & livelihood. Pahel also has a pool of trainers under the mentioned field with specialization in these categories.

2 . Innovation, Change & Resilience

Pahel believes in a sustainable development approach, so Pahel is growing with its strategic objectives in a long term perspective. These objectives & plans are not only in line with the thematic approaches of the program but also guiding the organization towards its expansion and geographical spread. These objectives also lead the organization towards innovation and adoption of change due to a flexible and conducive environment within the organization. Ultimately this initiative contributes to the uniqueness of the organization in terms of resilience. Till this time Pahel develop & introduce different emerging pieces of training programs & modules to the youth of Sindh like citizens’ journalism, skill development & enterprise development through income generation activities etc.

3 . Physical resources & technological advancement

Pahel also believes in the institutional approach, and succeeded to develop its own RWADARI Markaz to promote pluralism in Pakistan. This centre is fully equipped and ready to facilitate more than 30 persons/youth at once through their capacity building initiatives, research work allowing them to explore the new avenues towards a developed society. Along with such institute, Pahel has a credit of fully online system for their programs & supply chain related matters. These all functions are integrated under the ERP system and enhance the experience of fastest coordination, systematic flow of tasks, on-time reporting mechanism and efficient decision-making series.

4 . Partnership & Collaboration

Pahel has strong coordination with the ministry of interior, PDMA Sindh, Social Welfare Department of Sindh, Women Development Department of Sindh, Education Department of Sindh, Human Rights Department of Sindh, Election Commission of Sindh and Youth Affairs of Sindh. Along with these departments, Pahel is also an active member of, Concern Worldwide International & ECI- Pakistan. Currently, Pahel is a partner of the Education department of Sindh through initiatives of Sindh Education Foundation under the program Foundation Assisted Schools, National Endowment for Democracy NED and Concern Worldwide.

5 . Integrated program development, evolution, accountability and reporting

Pahel also focusing the program approach since 2014. NED & Education programs are both examples of the integrated program approach in terms of area, activity implementations youth engagement, women participation. A fully capacitated team of project design and management is part of the Pahel Pakistan and working jointly through all phases of the project life cycle. Project/program evolutions and their reporting at all levels are also handled through the available internal capacity of the staff. Complaint Redresser Mechanism of Pahel Pakistan is also in place and adding value in all projects & programs of Pahel Pakistan for the development of the vulnerable and marginalized communities of Pakistan.

6. Localization

Pahel has remain prioritized localization in its interventions both at community level and Government level. Localization is the main approach of Pahel Pakistan which guide the organization for implementation of the projects & programs in the communities to address the real needs with an appropriate approach of service deliveries and contribute towards the targets of the governments.

7 . Networking and Coordination

Since inception Pahel Pakistan believes that the humanitarian interventions and visible change is only possible with strong networking and coordination at all levels. Therefore, Pahel Pakistan has initiated, developed and sustained relationships with communities, partner organizations, line departments and other stakeholders. Currently Pahel Pakistan is active member of National Humanitarian Network Pakistan, Hum Awaz, STOP TB, UNSCN, Election Commission of Pakistan, PDA for governance and Accountability, Global Call to Actions Against Poverty, INEE – International network for education in emergency, EVAWG – Ending Violence Against Women & Girls Alliance, CIVICS and different other national and international networks.

Our key thematic areas

Human Rights:

Engaging youth and communities for protection and promotion of human rights, promote democracy and pluralism through establishing a bridge between duty bearers and right holders and echoing unheard voices through advocacy and oversight in Pakistan.


Education: Sensitizing the communities under Article 25-A about education and promoting education as a basic right for out of school children by adopting the sustainable institutional development approach in ultra rural and deprived areas of Pakistan

Climate Change:

Aligning and adopting the climate-sensitive techniques throughout the initiatives of Pahel Pakistan Programs, focusing on the youth, children and vulnerable communities of of Pakistan.

Food Security & Livelihood:

Contribute to meeting the minimum nutritional needs of vulnerable communities by improving food security and livelihoods opportunities, enhancing technical and vocational skills of youth through Pahel skills development institution and mainstreaming them for the economic development of Pakistan

Humanitarian Response:

Engaging in humanitarian responses at the time of need of any emergency through the provision of immediate assistance and relief and support to bring them to a sustainable position in alignment with disaster management authorities and civil society networks of Pakistan.